Friday, September 9, 2011

Free Speech on the Internet

     Lately there has been more control over what is on the Internet and what you can do on it. Governments are also trying to look at what individuals are doing on the Internet as well. I think this is a step too far and will cause many problems in the years to come. Governments do know a lot about the people they are leading, probably even more than most would like to think. The Internet is a different place though. People feel more freedom on it and it allows a lot people's voices to be heard that would not be heard normally. Monitoring the Internet will stop this, even if no one has anything to hide.
     Some things should be private in peoples life. Most things on the Internet are not but private emails should not be looked at. Not everyone is a criminal and most if not all of the emails that would be checked would lead nowhere. This also seems like a waste of time of money. People would have to be hired just to check if anyone sent out a random email or if someone checked a website that has copyrighted content on it. It is just going to be a waste of time because it would be impossible to check everything that is going on, and most of the time it will lead to nothing that could cause a problem. There is just too much out there to stop it all and it just seems like a waste of time to try to. 
     If this does happen it will only cause more problems down the road. People will start creating things that will get around any regulation and it will just make everything worse. People will also lose trust in the Internet  and it will become a less popular format. There will just be another thing that people will use instead of the Internet, which will not get rid of the problem it will just move the problems somewhere else. There are many more things to be worried about in the world right now and we can't just lose track of them just so someone doesn't download something copyrighted. That is why the government should not look into everything we send out or do online.